Dr Bainer

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Dr Bainer hired us initially to re-brand his business from “theSmileGallery.com” to “DrBainer.com” and then also increase website traffic be improving his page rank in search engines. Once we were able to rank his website on the first page, we noticed that his conversion level wasn’t what it should be and were able to pinpoint the problem. Getting sales from an online presence relies on two facts. You need to get found and once you are found, you need to be appealing to your audience. As it was with Dr Bainer, we got him found however, the website he had when we began his marketing campaign didn’t cut it when it came to to convert the additional waves of traffic coming in.

As a result, Dr Bainer happily tasked us with the next goal of improving his website design. We are pleased to say that since his new website design has been launched, we were able to triple the return on his monthly marketing investment with Next Level Web.
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