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Case Studies


TV Ears

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the fastest ways to ROI in online marketing, but an improperly managed campaign can cost dearly. We often increase productivity of existing campaigns by 30% or more within the first few weeks, and our highly trained Paid Media experts develop new campaigns that win clicks and return investment!
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The Sash Company

The Sash Company Case Study focuses on leveraging Organic SEO tactics to consolidate spending and increase results per marketing dollar spent. We began with a budget for PPC Advertising and leveraged organic SEO tactics to replace the traffic earned by PPC advertising to deliver highest ROI. Numbers included!
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Firepit Essentials

Fire Pit Essentials Case Study focuses on developing a brand new startup on a shoestring budget from inception to growing and profitable. We developed and later re-designed the initial website, SEO strategy, PPC & shopping campaigns, and dramatically improved sales and conversion rates.
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Coast Movers

Coast Movers signed up without having us design their website initially. three months into our marketing we were able to increase their page rank and organic traffic but the sales were still lacking. After recommending that we re-design the website, Coast Movers finally gave us the green light. Immediately following the launch of Coast Mover’s new website, Online sales went through the roof!
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Get California Health

Not unlike many of our clients starting out, Get California Health was on a very limited budget. Being an independent Insurance Agent, Our client only had 3k to invest in a new landing page. Working together, we were able to deliver a simple website that delivered an amazing return. Over 80% of the paid traffic converted into paying customers.
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Replica Printing

We began our relationship from an ideal standpoint as Replica Printing tasked us with developing a new website in combination with seo marketing. Within the first 6 months of launching the new site and beginning their online marketing campaign, Replica Printing experienced twice the number of sales coming in from the website.
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