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Case Studies


TV Ears

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the fastest ways to ROI in online marketing, but an improperly managed campaign can cost dearly. We often increase productivity of existing campaigns by 30% or more within the first few weeks, and our highly trained Paid Media experts develop new campaigns that win clicks and return investment!
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The Sash Company

The Sash Company Case Study focuses on leveraging Organic SEO tactics to consolidate spending and increase results per marketing dollar spent. We began with a budget for PPC Advertising and leveraged organic SEO tactics to replace the traffic earned by PPC advertising to deliver highest ROI. Numbers included!
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Firepit Essentials

Fire Pit Essentials Case Study focuses on developing a brand new startup on a shoestring budget from inception to growing and profitable. We developed and later re-designed the initial website, SEO strategy, PPC & shopping campaigns, and dramatically improved sales and conversion rates.
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