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Our company was founded in 2009 by Andrew Lowen, a self-starter with an obsession for marketing. After getting burned several times by a number of freelancers, web design, and marketing agencies as a director of marketing, he founded Next Level Web. And he is writing this right now (Source: Me).

Online marketing seems like a fancy profession, but most everybody in it seems to have forgotten their manners! What ever happened to regular communication, delivering on promises, and doing one’s best for their clients?

(Talking in first person now since I already broke the fourth wall anyway)

I thought that if I just called people back on time, did what I said I would, and kept it up forever, we’d be better than 90% of the other organizations out there. I didn’t believe that I’d never make mistakes, but I resolved myself to always make it better. A company that fixes a mistake is a company that can be trusted, and that is what we want to be for our clients.


Trust is of paramount importance to us. If there is mutual trust between a client and ourselves, then there are no need for lengthy contract periods and cancellation penalties. If we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing, we’ll be getting the results you’re paying for, and you’ll reciprocate that commitment! It is based on this principal that we do not require long-term contract commitments, because we believe that trust needs to be extended by both sides of an accord.

We’ve grown quite a bit over the years with that philosophy. We maintain an active 90%+ retention rate with our clientele. We keep the lines of communication well-traveled, and we produce results.

Our target clients range in between $1-10M/yr in revenue, because it is typically companies in this range that have experienced the poor service of most other web guys, SEO firms, etc. We work with businesses of all sizes, but these are our favorite clients — we love to restore their faith in web companies and do a great job for them. When we do well for businesses that have been burned in the past, we forge lasting relationships and get a lot of great work done!

If you’re looking for accountability, reliability, and results from a marketing firm that will treat you as a priority, consider us your new “get it done” people. We will help take your business to the next level.


Together We Succeed

Andrew Lowen - Owner / CEO

Andrew Lowen

Owner / CEO

Blake Warner

Director of Operations